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Food Industry

  • Wuxi Timeport Grain& Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    With the unique technical advantages of product, Jiwei wins a good market response and user acceptance again.
  • Bolivia MET Yogurt Co, Ltd.
    So far, Jiwei Ring-11 Liquid Level Switches operate well in yogurt fermentation tanks with no malfunction occur.
  • Shanghai Haocheng Food Compan
    Vibrating Level Switch and Compact Liquid Level Switch have been applied in the starch sugar raw material storage tanks and reaction tanks separately, to control and monitor automatic production.
  • Guangzhou Tinder co., Ltd
    Jiwei Rotary Paddle Switches and RF Admittance Level Switches are applied respectively to raw material bins and ingredient bins.
  •  Pусский  Wоколад Chocolate Factory
    The normal temperature type Ring-11 satisfies the working temperature of 40°C in chocolate furnace. Plus the safety flame-proof function ensures the instruments work reliably under the special condition.
  • Quaker Foods
    Quaker Foods trusts Jiwei product’s quality, replace all E+H fork switches to Jiwei Ring-11 Liquid Level Switches.
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