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Chemical Industry

Successful Application of Jiwei Explosion-proof Liquid Level Switch in Pipeline Level Measurement

The Headquarter of Li Er Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Mianyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Sichuan Province. It has more than 800 employees, including doctors, masters and many other outstanding scientific researchers. It has established a provincial technology center and Chengdu R&D center. It is the largest company producing pesticide in Sichuan Province and the largest company in China which does R&D, producing, selling and exporting chloropyridine herbicides. The company takes heterocyclic agricultural chemicals as its leading products and exports its products to more than 20 countries and regions around the world.

Selected product:

Ring-11 Liquid Level Switch, Flap-11 Magnetic Level Indicator


Jiwei Ring-11 Liquid Level Switch with flameproof enclosure explosion protection and Flap-11 Magnetic Level Indicator has been selected and applied by Li Er Chemical for pipelines in pump protection system and level measurement of pesticide storage tank. Pipeline application is with problem of constricted space for level measurement. Ring-11 is compact designed and especially suitable for pipeline application. It successfully solved the problem for mounting the instruments at constricts space like pipelines.

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