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Application of Uson-21 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter in Niobium Oxide Production

Production process of niobium oxide

At present, the production of niobium oxide is mainly based on the pressure washing process, which widely applies corrosion-resistant and energy-saving equipment, using chamber pressure filter and a slurry mixing tank to replace the transitional process of the washing tank, this changes greatly improve the production efficiency and metal recovery rate of niobium oxide.


Selection of ultrasonic level transmitter 


In the process of niobium oxide production, such as slurry mixing, extraction of Nb liquid, precipitation, pressure filtration, etc., it is necessary to use hydrofluoric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid, ammonia water, secondary octanol and other highly corrosive liquids. In order to prevent those liquids from overflowing, it is suggested to select non-contact instruments to detect the liquid level in the residual transfer tank, storage tank, circulating transfer tank and niobium liquid transfer tank. Compared with other non-contact instruments such as radar level meter and external liquid level meter, ultrasonic level transmitter has the characteristics of high cost performance, mature technology and stable performance.

 Application of Uson-21 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter in Niobium Oxide Production

Due to the complex working conditions and harsh environment of niobium oxide production, it is required that the probe of the selected liquid level measuring instrument should be made of anti-corrosion material. Besides, in such humid environment, it is objectively required that the whole instrument has good sealing performance and high protection level in order to avoiding damage to components and affecting the stable operation of instrument. Most importantly, the intermediate extraction raw materials, intermediate products and niobium oxide itself are all explosive. To ensure production safety, explosion-proof instruments with explosion-proof feature is necessary.


Because the selection of ultrasonic level transmitter is directly related to production safety, so after comparison in high cost performance and reliability, the client finally selected Jiwei Uson-21 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter in the production of niobium oxide.


Advantages of Uson-21 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter


Uson-21 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter has the following advantages:

1. Certified for high level explosion protection: EX d IIC T6 Gb.

2. With temperature compensation function, offers high measurement accuracy and strong adaptability.

3. With RS-485 communication interface.

4. Special echo signal processing algorism is used, can effectively avoid false echo signal.

5. With IP66/IP67 ingress protection rating.

6. Probe made of corrosion-resistant PVDF, suitable for corrosive liquids or applications under corrosive environment.

7. High cost performance and low maintenance cost.

8. EMC design of the product complies with IEC61000-4 (GB/T 17626.2) standard in EFT (LT: A), ESD (LT: A) and surge.

 Application of Uson-21 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter in Niobium Oxide Production

From the above advantages of Uson-21 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter, it can be seen that it fully meets the requirements of niobium oxide production on corrosion protection, explosion-proof, sealing, measurement stability and high cost performance.


At present, 56 units of Uson-21 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter apply in the project and operate stably without waveform jitter and inaccurate measurement, which effectively guarantees the safe and smooth production of niobium oxide.

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