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Anticorrosive Lining Processing Technique of Jiwei Magnetic Level Indicator Won National Patent


Right after the “Vibrating Rod Level Switch and the Vibration Device" patent has been granted, Jiwei was awarded by the State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C. on another national patent "Anticorrosive Lining Processing Technique of Jiwei Magnetic Level Indicator " .


The anticorrosive lining processing technique is mainly used to overcome the defects of traditional corrosion-proof magnetic level gauge. In order to prevent corrosive liquid from penetrating the buoy and connecting tubule, traditional magnetic level gauge is designed with lining technique. However, for the traditional lining structure, lining material of buoy and connection tubule is too close to seal with each other. In practical production, when these two lining materials pressing to each other, the radial force will tend to turn tubular lining material into radial deformation, resulting in minimizing the aperture of connecting tubule, which likely leads to impurities occlusion, and abnormal working situation of the equipment.

 Anticorrosive Lining Processing Technique of Jiwei

Aiming at the above problem, Jiwei improves the lining structure of traditional magnetic level gauge. A supporting component is added by one end of connecting tubule on buoy side so that the lining material is supported. At the same time, Jiwei selects different lining materials to increase the lining creep properties.  In addition, PTFE material is lined on the buoy, while connecting tubule lined by soft perfluorinated ethylene material. The combination of hardware and software makes the connection more reliable, and avoids the problem of lining material deformation under interaction force.

 Anticorrosive Lining Processing Technique of Jiwei

The new Jiwei technology of Magnetic Level Indicator is granted patent by the State Intellectual Property Office (patent No. ZL201621028672.4). So far, as for magnetic level gauge, Jiwei already has three structural processing techniques that are under protection of the patent law. It is no doubt that Jiwei will make persistent efforts to provide customers with more high quality and cost-effective measurement products.

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