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Jiwei Launched NAMUR Output Tuning Fork Level Switch


Jiwei recently launched a new model of tuning fork liquid level switch—NAMUR output Tuning Fork Liquid Level Switch. This new model of Fork Liquid Level Switch is developed to meet the needs of customers who want to update or replace their previously installed NAMUR output Fork Level Switches which were imported from Europe. To date, none of level meter manufacturers in China supply NAMUR output type of Fork Level Switch. Jiwei launched NAMUR output type of tuning Fork Level Switch filled the market blank in this area and helped our customers to update or replace NAMUR output tuning fork liquid level switch in use more conveniently and cost-effectively.
 Jiwei launched NAMUR output Tuning Fork Level Switch
Jiwei NAMUR output Tuning Fork Liquid Level Switch

Similar to 4~20mA two-wire output, NAMUR output is also a two-wire system. But for instrument with NAMUR output, the current supplied is smaller and the power consumption is lower. The instrument with NAMUR output and the one with 4~20mA two-wire output can both be applied in Intrinsic Safety explosion protection area, and AC or DC power supply for both of them is wired through safety barrier.

Just for safety considerations, NAMUR output tuning fork liquid level switch can be replaced for the one with 4~20mA two-wire output. But for instrument with 4~20mA two-wire output, the signal output is in 10~36V and 8mA/16mA, while for the one with NAMUR output, the signal output voltage is in 8.2V,the output current can be equal or lower than 1.2mA and equal or higher than 2.1mA. Because the instrument with NAMUR output works in very small current supplied and its power consumption is very low, it is much more complicated to design and meet its interference resistance than the one with 4~20mA output. Therefore, considering from the instrument configuration aspect or the safety barrier used, the tuning fork liquid lever switch with NAMUR output is more expensive than the one with 4~20mA two-wire output.

NAMUR output type of Tuning Fork Liquid Level Switch Jiwei recently developed and launched can fully compete with those imported from Europe in its safety, stability and interference resistance. This new product is our latest achievement based on our innovation and customer-centric philosophy.

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