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Jiwei —— Optimal Level Measuring Solution


Based on vibrating rod level switch, Jiwei offered efficient level measuring solutions for various complex working conditions.

The level measuring solutions include positioning the switch properly and different mounting methods corresponding to different bulk materials, such as mounting the sensor 20° inclined to the vessel’s bottom to avoid medium build up; adding protection baffle and mounting the sensor in a recess portion in the container or tube to prevent false alarm. For strong hygroscopicity and electrostatic adsorption materials, the solutions of additional high-pressure gas blow purge and protective sleeve are also proposed.

Jiwei —— Optimal Level Measuring Solution

As a State-recognized high-tech enterprise, Jiwei has been attaching great importance to independent R & D and innovation of products. Since establishment, Jiwei has been offering customers with the most cost-effective made-in-China level measuring instruments with high reliability comparable to international famous brand products, as well as providing professional and optimal level measuring solutions.

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