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Uson-11 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Uson-11 works on the principle of the travel time of ultrasonic pulse. Transducer sends out high frequency ultrasonic pulse, the pulse hits liquid surface and reflects back, part of the reflected sound wave is received by the transducer and converted into electrical signal. The ultrasonic pulse transmits at the velocity of sound wave, and the time interval between transmission and reception of ultrasonic pulse is directly proportional to the distance between transducer and liquid surface. This relationship between the distance S, the sound speed C and the transmission time T can be expressed by the formula: S=CxT/2.
  • Uson-11 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
    Uson-11 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
     With three selectable measurement range, including 5 meters, 10 meters and 15 meters.

     With temperature compensation function, offers high accuracy and strong adaptability.

     With RS-485 communication interface.

     Special echo signal processing algorism is used, can effectively avoids false echo wave.

     With IP66/IP67 ingress protection rating.

     Probe made of corrosion-resistant PVDF, suitable for corrosive liquids and applications under corrosive environment.

     High cost-effective ratio, low maintenance cost.
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