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Company News

Jiwei is Funded by Shenzhen Longgang District Government


Recently, Shenzhen Jiwei Automations Ltd. received a special fund for technological development by Shenzhen Longgang Science and Technology Innovation Administration.

As a State-recognized High-tech Enterprise, Jiwei has been taking R & D and technological innovation as the priority, a large amount capital is invested in product R & D and innovation each year. At present, Jiwei have obtained 3 invention patents, more than 10 utility model patents and multiple computer software copyright registration certificates. There are still a number of invention and utility model patents are pending.

The above patent technologies have been applied in Vibrating Rod Level Switch, Tuning Fork Level Switch, Tuning Fork Level Switch, Magnetic Level Indicator, Ultrasonic Level Transmitter and so on.

Having a strong Technology Development and Innovation Center in Shenzhen and with more than 2000+ satisfied clients worldwide, Jiwei has made it’s mark as a well established innovative company driven by the industry’s highly professional and qualified individuals, and provides high quality level measurement instruments to customers globally.