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Who we are

Jiwei Automations Ltd. is a high-tech company co-founded by five experienced professionals in automation industry in 2013. We are located in Shenzhen, a pioneer city of national economic development district in China, with registered capital of ¥14.5 million Yuan. Specializing in R&D, emphasizing manufacturing quality and reliability, and offering excellent services, we have become a competitive level meter manufacturer in domestic market and abroad.

R&D: Our R&D engineering team accounts for almost half of our total staff members. Our engineers are striving to develop more and better level meters to offer our customer most suitable, cost-effective, consistently high quality and high reliability safe products. Due to the harsh nature of most of automation industrial processes, all of our R&D products have been tested and certified by a third party before formally put into production to ensure reliability and safety of our products.

Production: Our R&D team works closely with our manufacturing staff. Our production team cultivates meticulous attitude and pursues perfection of our products in all aspects. We have implemented ERP Management System and introduced ISO Quality Management System in full production process to ensure all our products meets high standard with competitive price.

Service: Our engineers and sale staff dedicate their best effort to offer excellent services to each of our customers. Through cooperation with our customers, we investigate details of their applications and find the best solution to meet their requirements and solve their problems and concerns.

If you were in favor of international well-known brands for their high reliability but with a limited budget now, or if you are considering choosing made-in-China level measurement products for their reasonable prices but worrying about their reliability, please choose Jiwei Level Meters with confidence. Our products are with both competitive price and competitive high quality and reliability. 

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