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  • Jiwei dedicates to level measurement,<span>enforces the ISO9001 Quality Management System</span>

    Jiwei dedicates to level measurement,enforces the ISO9001 Quality Management System

    *Believe insightful knowledge makes exquisite techniques and perfect products.

    *Strictly operating with ISO Quality Management System and ERP System.

    *Regard scientific management as a key to manufacture high quality products, and as the principle to promote enterprise efficiency.

  • Believe details determine the quality;<span> adhere to devoting to technology and process details.</span>

    Believe details determine the quality; adhere to devoting to technology and process details.

    *Absorb excellent designs and techniques from pioneers, making Jiwei products perfect enough to rival international famous brands.

    *Superior quality but cheaper price. Jiwei products have exported to many countries.

    *Jiwei staff follows the principle of “The best or nothing!”

  • Approved by China highest level of Explosion-proof Certification,<span> and with IP66 / 67 Ingress Protection</span>.

    Approved by China highest level of Explosion-proof Certification, and with IP66 / 67 Ingress Protection.

    * Explosion-proof products are with both Ex-approval and Intrinsically Safe Certification(Exia IIC T6、Exd IIC T6), an ideal choice for petroleum and petrochemical industry.

    *Products applying to dust condition are licensed with Dust Explosion-proof Certification(Ex tD A21 IP66 T80℃,Ex iaD 20 T6).

  • Jiwei products passed through the test of third authoritative party.

    Jiwei products passed through the test of third authoritative party.

    *We strictly focus on R&D process, require products must be tested and certified by a third authoritative party before coming into the market.

  • Focus on invention and innovation, dozens of patents are authorized each year.

    Focus on invention and innovation, dozens of patents are authorized each year.

    *We regard innovation as force to drive company development, employees are encouraged to learn, to open mind, to devote into invention, and to apply their own patents.

    *Jiwei invests more than 14% annual income to R&D, and regards it as development strategy.

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  • Other Industries
    •  Hebei Shenghua Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
      Hebei Shenghua Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
      Hebei Shenghua Chemical Industry Co.purchased Jiwei Rada-11 Pulse Radar Level Meters and Flap-11S Economical Type Magnetic Level Indicators.
    • Dezhou Shihua Chemical Co., Ltd.
      Dezhou Shihua Chemical Co., Ltd.
      A subsidiary company of China National Chemical National Corperation, Shihua Chemical Company, has purchased Jiwei vibrating level switch series, which are mainly used in productions of chemicals.
    • Haohua Yuhang Chemicals Co.,Ltd.
      Haohua Yuhang Chemicals Co.,Ltd.
      Jiwe Flap-11P Lined Type Magnetic Level Indicator currently used by Haohua Yuhang Chemicals Co.,Ltd. and gains the company's satisfactions.
    • LIER-Chemical Group Co., Ltd.
      LIER-Chemical Group Co., Ltd.
      As the world’s second and China largest producer of chlorinated pyridine herbicides and pesticide, LIER-Chemical Group purchased Jiwei’s flame-proof Ring-11 Liquid Level Switches and Flap-11 Magnetic Level Indicators as their main measurement equipment.
    • Guangdong Yudean Group
      Guangdong Yudean Group
      So far, Jiwei Flap-11A Magnetic Level Indicators are deeply satisfied by Guangdong Yudean Group.
    • Shaoguan Power Plant
      Shaoguan Power Plant
      Shaoguan Power Plant installed Jiwei’s Tube-11 vibrating Rod Level Switch in a large quantity to measure the level of granulars. So far, all the instruments run well with no malfunction occurs.
    • Huizhou Pinghai Power Plant
      Huizhou Pinghai Power Plant
      Tube-11 can detect and measure fly ash accurately, satisfied the company’s demand on high quality level switch, so the client installed Tube-11 to replace Bindicator products.
    • Xinhui Shuangshui Power Plant
      Xinhui Shuangshui Power Plant
      Tube-11 is not affected by any chemical corrosion and other special circumstances, the company is favoured of the instruments and replaced all E+H level switches to Tube-11.
    • IKEA
      The improvement of Jiwei Magnetic Level Indicator has been praised by all used clients. The sealability of the panel makes the protection rate reach IP67, significantly upgrades the reliability.
    • Guangdong Goworld Lamination Plant
      Guangdong Goworld Lamination Plant
      Jiwei’s new version Magnetic Level Indicator has been applied to Guangdong Goworld Lamination Plant, measuring the liquid level of DNF-butanone toluene in tanks.
    • Jiaozuo Jiangu Cement Co., Ltd
      Jiaozuo Jiangu Cement Co., Ltd
      After applied Jiwei Tube-11 on hoister hoppers, the high reliability and anti-hanging features were highly favoured by the customers.
    • Guangdong Tapai Group
      Guangdong Tapai Group
      The dust from the external environment has no impact on the instrument, so the reliability and service life of Tube-11 are greatly improved.
    • Quaker Foods
      Quaker Foods
      Quaker Foods trusts Jiwei product’s quality, replace all E+H fork switches to Jiwei Ring-11 Liquid Level Switches.
    •  Pусский  Wоколад Chocolate Factory
      Pусский Wоколад Chocolate Factory
      The normal temperature type Ring-11 satisfies the working temperature of 40°C in chocolate furnace. Plus the safety flame-proof function ensures the instruments work reliably under the special condition.
    • Guangzhou Tinder co., Ltd
      Guangzhou Tinder co., Ltd
      Jiwei Rotary Paddle Switches and RF Admittance Level Switches are applied respectively to raw material bins and ingredient bins.
    • Shanghai Haocheng Food Compan
      Shanghai Haocheng Food Compan
      Vibrating Level Switch and Compact Liquid Level Switch have been applied in the starch sugar raw material storage tanks and reaction tanks separately, to control and monitor automatic production.
    • Guofeng Iron and Steel Company
      Guofeng Iron and Steel Company
      Economical Type Magnetic Level Indicator is used by Guofeng to measure the liquid level of 31% hydrochloric acid, so far, the readings are accurate.
    • Turkey Durko Company
      Turkey Durko Company
      Based on superior the performance and high reliability of Jiwei products, Durko trusts Jiwei’s high quality, and made bulk purchase on Vibrating Level Switch series and RF Admittance Level Switch series.
    • Starlite Global Resource
      Starlite Global Resource
      Ring-11 Liquid Level Switch is able to function reliably at high temperature of 250℃, and the fork body is made of 316L stainless steel, which ensures the instrument works safely and stably in the oil field.
    • Shandong Liaocheng Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.
      Shandong Liaocheng Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.
      Due to the good adaptability and high reliability in difficult conditions, Tube-11 Vibrating Rod Level Switches are widely favored by Shandong alumina electrolysis industry.
Shenzhen Jiwei Automations Ltd.
Jiwei is a high-tech company co-founded by five experienced professionals in the automation industry, with the industrial and commercial registration address as No. 3162, Longgang Avenue,Longgang District, Shenzhen, and the registered capital of 11.5 million Yuan. Specializing in the R&D, production and sales of level measurement instruments, it provides made-in-China level measurement devices that are reliable enough to rival the international well-known brand products.
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