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Shenzhen Jiwei Automations Ltd. is a high-tech company co-founded by five experienced professionals in the automation industry, with the industrial and commercial registration address as No.3162, Longgang Avenue,Longgang District, Shenzhen, and the registered capital of 14.5 million Yuan. Specializing in the R&D, production and sales of level measurement instruments, it provides made-in-China level measurement devices that are reliable enough to rival the international well-known brand products.

Regarding providing customers with the level measurement products of highest cost performance as its mission, the company strives to reduce cost while pursuing outstanding performance to make its products have highest cost performance in the industry.

As the work environment of automation instruments is harsh and the products are required to be highly reliable, the company takes making its products’ reliability able to rival the international well-known brand products as the basic objective of R&D and production. To realize this objective, we adhere to paying attention to details in technology and processes and firmly believe details determine success or failure. We are devoted to cultivating all staff members’ meticulous attitude and spirit of keeping improvement in technology and processes and encourage them to deliberately pursue perfection of products in all respects. Regarding the R&D process, we require that all products must be tested and certified by a third party before formally put into production.

Since establishment of the company, we have strictly introduced the ISO Quality Management System and implemented ERP Management System in the company. We firmly believe scientific managementis not only the requirement of producing high quality products but also the basic solution to the improvement of enterprise benefits. The company advocates technological invention and innovation and actively applies for patent protection for intellectual property rights.

The Company's level measurement products already officially listed include:

Vibrating Level Switch: Designed for the level measurement of powder, granule, coarse/fine grained bulk solids and liquid, it consists of three series, i.e. Liquid Level Switch, Tuning Fork Level Switch and Vibrating Rod Level Switch. All three series are with Ex-approval/Intrinsically safe certification & IP66/67 ingress protection.

Magnetic Level Indicator: Ideal choice to measure liquid level continuously, it consists of four series, i.e. economic type,standard type,PTFE lining type and Plastic type,and its output variable of switch and magnetic transmitter both with Ex-approval/Intrinsically safe certification & IP66/67 ingress protection.

RF Admittance Level Switch: Particularly designed for the level measurement of fly ash, solid granularand adhesive material, it consists of four models, i.e. Standard type, Guard type, Rope type and Ultra- high temperature type.

Radar Level Meter: highly reliable products assembled by imported modules which consist of 5.8GHz low-frequency pulse radar level meter, 25GHz high-frequency pulse radar level meter and 24GHz FMCW radar level meter.

Float Level Indicatoradopts imported plastic reed, and is designed with unique process details.Certificated with both Flame-proof (Ex d IIC T6) and Intrinsic Safety (Ex ia IIC T6).

Rotary Paddle Switchadopts famous brand motor, micro switch and bearing, divided into Standard Type and Guard Type.

Ultrasonic Level Transmitter: Uson-11 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter is designed for continuous level measurement of liquids in industrial applications, suitable to install in large water or oil storage tank, and small container for detection of levels. 

When you favor the level measurement products of international well-known brands for their high reliability but hesitate to buy them due to their high prices, please choose Jiwei, because our products are reliable enough to rival the international well-known brand products but our product are only half as expensive; when you tend to choose made-in-China level measurement products for their reasonable prices but worry about their reliability and hesitate to buy, please choose Jiwei as well, because our product prices are as favorable as that of other China-brands and our products can rival the international well-known brand products in reliability.

Jiwei only focuses on the level measurement field, because only in this way can we go deep into this field, have superb technique and produce perfect products.All staff members of Jiwei follow the principle of “The best or nothing!” So,choose Jiwei and choose perfection.

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