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Vibrating Level Switch

Vibrating level switch is based on a cantilever beam vibrating principle. A cylindrical rod or a fork is used as a vibration probe. Piezoelectric devices are utilized to drive and detect the vibration. With state-of-the-art techniques, the specifications of our vibrating level switch and its reliability reach to an advanced level in the field. When the vibrating probe comes in contact with the material under measure, the vibration amplitude and the frequency of the probe will substantially decrease, so does the output of the detecting piezoelectric device. The amount of decrease is analyzedan intelligent circuit which output a switching signal as a result. Depending on the chemical and physical properties of the measured medium, a series of vibrating level switches can be chosen from.

Jiwei has been granted three invention patents and two utility patents on its vibrating level switches so far. One more invention patent is under checking and verification. Compared with the similar products in the market, our vibrating level switches have following advantages:

 Broader range of the medium density can be used for the medium with extreme low density (as low as 0.008g/cm³).

 Excellent adaptability, particularly suits for the medium with unstable humidity and dielectric constant.

 Larger redundancy for medium buildupthanks to the precisely pre-adjusted resonance, highly reliable for the medium with higher viscosity and adhesiveness.

 High reliability due to higher quality chips purchasing, detail oriented design, and strict production flow and quality control;

 An industry-leading product for high process temperature applications, excellent performance under temperature up to 250℃, or ultra-high temperature up to 400℃ with water/air cooling;

 Smaller probe, particularly suitable for pipelines..

 Vibrating probe is made of strong corrosion resistant materials, such as 316L.

 Explosion protection certified, including powdery/gas Flameproof Enclosure and powdery / gas Intrinsic Safety & IP66/ IP67 ingress protection.

 Strong self-diagnostic function makes it possible to accurately locate the fault.

Our vibrating level switch has four series of product to meet requirements of a variety of applications:

Tube-11 Vibrating Rod Level Switch:

This innovative vibrating rod level switch is designed with double vibration tubes, which is a first made-in-China model. It suits for the majority of level switch applications for granular and powdery bulk solids. The lowest medium density can be as low as 0.02g/c.

Fork-11 Tuning Fork Level switch:

The area of the fork body has been reasonably increased for higher sensitivity. It is particularly suitable for powder and fine-granule with the density as low as of 0.008g/cm³.

Ring-11 Liquid Level Switch:

With only 40mm length of the fork body, it is particularly designed to measure the liquid level in vessels, storage tanks, other various tanks, as well as bypass pipelines. The density of the liquid can be as low as 0.5 g/c.

Ring-21 Compact Liquid level switch:

It is compact, lightweight, easy to carry and inexpensive. It is mainly aimed for the applications that are cost sensitive and no explosion protection requirement. It is particularly suitable for pipelines or other applications with constricted space.

  • Tube-11 Vibrating Rod Level Switch
    Tube-11 Vibrating Rod Level Switch

     High sensitivity thanks to the fine adjustment on the resonant vibrating frequency. It is suitable for the majority of granular bulk solids. The medium density can be as low as 0.02g/cm3.
     An industry leading product that can tolerate high process temperature up to 250℃, and ultra-high temperature up to 400℃(Water/air cooling).
     Larger redundancy to avoid medium buildup and highly reliable for the medium with higher viscosity and adhesiveness.
     With gas/dust Flameproof Enclosure, gas/dust Intrinsic Safety certificates & IP66/IP67 ingress protection.

  • Ring-11 Liquid Level Switch
    Ring-11 Liquid Level Switch

     With only 40mm fork length, specially designed for pipelines and other applications with constricted space.
     High sensitivity due to the precisely pre-adjusted harmonic resonant frequency of the fork, the lowest measurable medium density can be as low as 0.5g/cm³.
     Meet the food safety standards and applicable for liquids level measurement in food industry.
     Optional air-tight high pressure protection insulation sleeve, special for pressurized or corrosive liquids level measurement.
     Certified for both Intrinsic Safety and Flameproof Enclosure explosion protection.

  • Fork-11 Tuning Fork Level Switch
    Fork-11 Tuning Fork Level Switch

     High sensitivity,the lowest measurable density can be as low as 0.008g/cm³.

     Particularly suits for level measurement of powdery, fine-grained bulk solids, can effectively avoid material buildup.
     Industry-leading performance for high temperature working environment, can tolerate the process temperature up to 250℃. 
     Certified for gas and dust flameproof enclosure and intrinsic safety explosion protection.

     Easy to install and free of maintenance.

  • Ring-21 Compact Liquid Level Switch
    Ring-21 Compact Liquid Level Switch

     Compact and portable, with overall length 160.5mm, maximum diameter 31.5mm and the fork body only 38mm long.

     Particularly suitable for pipelines and other applications within constricted space.

     Strong disturbance resistant ability, not influenced by foam, bubbles, viscosity, vibration or other liquid characteristics.

     Highly reliable, safe and easy to operate, with great flexibility.

     Economical and practical, high cost-effective ratio.

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