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Vibrating Level Switch

Vibrating level switch uses piezoelectric devices to achieve vibration drive and detection. It is designed with state-of-the-art technique, which upgrades the product performance to an advanced level and has higher reliability in counterparts. When the vibrating probe contacts with the measured material, the vibration amplitude and the frequency of the probe will obviously decrease, also, the reduction is detected by the piezoelectric devices and will be converted into a switching signal by intelligent circuit. Depending on different chemical property and physical form of measured medium, different series of vibrating level switch can be chosen.

We firmly believe that details determine the quality and reliability of our products, and we have been paying highly attention to tiny details in technology and process while in R&D and production. Compared to the same products of other rival brands, our vibrating level switches have the following advantages:

Highly sensitivity with measurable medium, the density can reach as low as 0.008 g/cm3;

Well adapted to medium with changing humidity and dielectric constant;

With high redundancy for hanging and adhesion, has high reliability to measure viscous and easy hanging medium;

Small probe, particularly suitable for pipelines measurement;

Process temperature can reach up to 250℃, which is industry-leading;

Vibrating probe is made of strong anti-corrosive materials, such as 316L;

Got Ex-approval/Intrinsic Safe certification & IP66/67 ingress protection;

Strong self-diagnostic function can recognize false position accurately.

In order to meet a variety of application conditions, our vibration level switches are divided into the following four series:

Tube-11 Vibrating Rod Level Switch: 

The first made-in-China vibration rod level switch designed with double vibration elements, is mainly used to measure the level of granular and coarse-grained bulk solids with the lowest measurable density of 0.02g/cm3.

Fork-11 Tuning Fork Level switch: 

By increasing the area of fork body, it is particularly suitable for the level measurement of powders and fine-grained bulk solids with the lowest measurable density of 0.008 g/cm3.

Ring-11 Liquid Level Switch: 

With only 40mm length of the fork body, it is particularly aimed to measure the level of liquid with the lowest measurable density of 0.5 g/cm3, and can be mounted in vessels, canisters and tanks, and also in bypass pipelines.

Ring-21 Compact Liquid level switch: 

Designed in compact and lightweight form, It is mainly applied in occasions that require low-cost price, and in non hazardous areas. It is particularly suitable to be installed in pipelines and constricted spaces.

  • Tube-11 Vibrating Rod Level Switch
    Tube-11 Vibrating Rod Level Switch

    The lowest measurable density is 0.02g/cm3, and the process temperature is up to 250 ℃. The following is the typically applications:

     Semi-dry desulfurizing reaction in silo at coal power plant. (with mixture of CaSOand CaSO3).
    ● Dust bin desulfurization and silo in regeneration tower at power plant (active coke).
    ● Dust collection bag and the ash bucket and bin pump of ash transport system at power plant.
    ● Coal ash collecting devices (fly ash silo).
    ● Combustion silos of combustion system at power plant. (sawdust and straw)
    ● Sintering ash silos at smelter plant.
    ● PVC granule storage silo, and packaging line silo monitoring at chemical plant.

  • Ring-11 Liquid Level Switch
    Ring-11 Liquid Level Switch

    Fork length is only 40 mm, the lowest measurable density is 0.5g/cm3, and the process temperature is up to 250 ℃. It is typically applied in fields as follow:

    ● Used in the measurement of liquefied natural gas (LNG) with the density of 0.56g/cm3.
    ● Widely used in producing chemical spices, which usually produce under highly corrosive condition and high  temperature environment.
    ● Widely mounted in storage tanks of petroleum,  crude oil, gasoline, lubricating oil, etc.
    ● Widely mounted in pipeline for pump protection.

  • Fork-11 Tuning Fork Level Switch
    Fork-11 Tuning Fork Level Switch

    The lowest measurable density is 0.008g/cm3, and the process temperature is up to 250 ℃. Fork-11 is typically applied in following fields:

    ● Reliably used in the hopper of foam molding machine and plastic vacuum forming machine.
    ● Accurate measurement in the hopper of cement packaging line.
    ● Used to monitor the storage silo of salt.
    ● Used in rubber production at raw material warehouse.

  • Ring-21 Compact Liquid Level Switch
    Ring-21 Compact Liquid Level Switch
     High cost-effective, and with lightweight structure.
    ● With only 38 mm long of the fork body while the total length is only 160.5 mm, and the maximum diameter is about only 31.5 mm.
    ● Suitable to be installed in pipelines with constricted mounting space.
    ● The lowest measurable density is 0.7g/cm3.
    ● Suitable to use in foams, air bubbles, viscous liquid and conditions with complex vibrating interference.
    ● Design principles are based on detecting the change of the vibration frequency when fork body is covered by medium, which has high detection reliability.
    ● Simple operation, and strong versatility.

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