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The Outstanding Performance of Double Rod Vibrating Level Switch in Carbon Black Measurement


With the outstanding performance in level monitoring of level measurement of carbon black, Jiwei Tube-11 Double Rod Vibrating Level Switch has been applied in various carbon black production enterprise.

Carbon black, is widely known as black powder (density is as low as 0.032 to 0.048g/cm³). It has strong adsorption effect, and the internal temperature of some carbon black collecting containers are over 200℃. Above special working conditions make the accurate level measurement difficult to achieve, and hard in maintenance. The feedback from clients indicates the capacitance level switch, RF admittance level switch, rotary paddle switch and single rod vibrating level switch cannot measure carbon black level reliably and frequently occur false alarm that it is easy for carbon black to overflow and pollute the environment.

Tube-11 Vibrating Rod Level Switch is designed with double vibration tubes, and it is a perfect solution for carbon black level measurement. The probe of Tube-11 has been fine adjusted to reach high sensitivity for low-density detection and strong anti-hanging performance, and its measurable medium density can be as low as 0.02 g/cm³. Also, Tube-11 is an industry leading product that can tolerate high process temperature up to 250℃, and ultra-high temperature up to 400℃if with water/air cooling.

Thanks to the characteristics and advantages of high process temperature, strong anti-hanging performance and wide range of measurable density, Tube-11 Double Rod Vibrating Level Switch is fully competent to realize stable and reliable measurement in carbon black.

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