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  • SW-11 Magnetic Switch
    SW-11 Magnetic Switch

    SW-11 Magnetic Switch is externally mounted on Magnetic Level Indicator of Flap-11 series products to achieve automatic control and remote control.

    ● Use the power reed of international famous brands, which with capacity of heavy current and long service life.

    ● The guide tube is made of 304 material, with strong corrosion resistance.

    ● Has got double certifications of Explosion Proof and Intrinsically Safety.

    ● The ingress protection grade reaches to IP66/67.

  • SW-21 Compact Magnetic Switch
    SW-21 Compact Magnetic Switch

    Same as SW-11 Magnetic Switch, SW-21 is also an ideal accessory when combines with Flap-11 Magnetic Level Indicator, so that the Magnetic Level Indicator can realize the remote alarm function. 

    ● Designed in a compact lightweight structure, with size of 35mm in width and 120mm in length

    ● Adopted high-power reed of international well-known brand

      Made of 304 stainless steel

    ● Flame-proof with Ex d IIC T6 and Intrinsically-safe with Ex ia IIC T6

    ● Ingress Protection Level: IP66/67

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